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Under the Development Fee Services structure, We take responsibility of the full development process.  We meet with the Client to understand their requirements and present a detailed agreement that specifies the scope of duties and the responsibilities assigned to us.  

We will assemble and direct the Project Team, including architect, contractor, engineers, and other necessary professional services required to complete the project. We will coordinate all Project Team meetings and communication and become the primary contact for the Client, streamlining the communication process.CapCor and the Project Team will carry out all activities necessary to define the project’s market; conceptualize, plan, and design the project to meet that market; obtain all entitlements for the project; build public and governmental support of the project; generate the marketing plan to attract interest in the project from prospective tenants and/or purchasers; and prepare the project for construction. Additionally, CapCor will establish and maintain the project schedule, review and approve all contractors’ and subcontractors’ bids, assure compliance with project budget, conduct field inspections of project progress, resolve design and construction problems, schedule and attend inspections, approve all change orders, and obtain occupancy certificates.

Fee Developer services are provided on a percentage fee basis. The fee is based on the total project cost and the complexity of the project.

CapCor will provide consultation to the Client regarding any requested elements in the development process.  Consulting services could include, but are not limited to: input on concept and design, site analysis and selection, review of real estate contracts, market analysis, review of cost analysis and pro-formas, review of contractors' bids, assisting in entitlement/permitting, and review of marketing/leasing plan. This service is best utilized by owners/developers who plan on taking an active role in developing their projects, but would like the benefit of professional, objective advice on an as-needed basis.

Development consulting services are provided on an hourly fee basis, affording great flexibility to the owner/developer. CapCor's consulting fees range depends on the anticipated scope of involvement. Our Development Consulting Agreement is cancel-able upon notice if, for any reason, you do not feel we are bringing value to your project.

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Our Advantages

CapCor LLC was established to bring together a team with financing, construction development, and operational expertise for the benefit of investors wanting to invest in real estate development projects.  In addition, we have an extensive network of professionals in the real estate and construction industries. 

  • Over 50 years of experience in real estate financing, market analysis, construction development, and sales.
  • Solid track record of identifying and capitalizing on market trends and undervalued assets and delivering above average returns.
  • Access to a network of experienced and reliable real estate professionals, architects, engineers and trades people.
Invest and we do the rest
Potential investors may not have the time, knowledge, skills or contacts to become developers.  However they may have liquid assets or undeveloped land to invest.  We will assist you in leveraging your asset to maximize your return.  We provide first time and experienced investors the opportunity to singularly or join forces and contribute to a real estate investment that builds one to several residential properties with forecasted high returns.
Development expertise
We remove the worry out of the investment by assisting you with all the development expertise from concept to completion.  You might have the perfect site or equity in existing property, but lack the skills to bring the deal together.  We provide investors with an avenue to safely develop real estate and become a "passive investor", capturing significant profits without getting your hands dirty.
Operational efficiency and delivery
We've gained the experience and knowledge to bring you operational efficiency in delivering your project on time and within budget.